First of all, thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. We’re all so busy these days and I appreciate your interest.

Before you read on, I just wanted to answer one question that I’ve been asked countless times before: “Why haven’t you been blogging about Internet marketing for years?” The answer is a little complicated but in a nutshell, I made a decision to maintain a low profile for personal reasons. It was mostly a business decision to launch this blog. Besides, who has time to create a high-power blog when you’re busy running a successful company?!

I’ll be writing a lot more in this space soon but for now you should at least know that I’m the CEO of Uniseo. That’s important to recognize because was one of the first companies in the world, yes the world, to have been founded on the basis of SEO. When the company started, it was an off-shoot of another company of which I am the head of Internet marketing and creative director. More on that later!

Just a quick note about my education: I have 2 Master of Arts degrees in behavioral psychology (Why 2? It’s a long story…!).


I could describe my credibility as a top SEO expert on multiple levels but I’ll spare you. What I will point out is that being a speaker at SEO conventions means nothing compared to having over a decade’s worth of experience which has brought the best proof of credibility you can find:

  • Clients staying on board with me and my companies over the long-term.
  • Clients referring their friends, relatives and business colleagues to me.
  • Multiple clients offering me an unsolicited million dollars to expand my business (I have turned down all offers of financing meant to rapidly expand my companies.)
  • Clients trying very hard to get me to join them in business ventures after I made them a pile of money.
  • Other more results-oriented successes.

Media Attention

I’ve been quoted in a number of newspapers, including:

  • The Financial Post & National Post
  • Hour Newspaper
  • Ottawa Xpress

My work has also been used as references for countless articles and a LOT more, including this partial list:

  • Herald Tribune/New York Times
  • WebProNews
  • InsideSEM
  • Wikipedia (my work is referenced over 20 times)


I’ve been doing this since the 1990s and as you might imagine, I have a LOT of clients. I’m currently focusing my efforts on different types of categories.

– SEO Strategy Consulting

– SEO/PPC/Internet Marketing Training

– SEO-based Web Design

– Leading SEO Seminars and Workshops Around The World

– ROI and Conversion Strategies (so my clients are sure they’re increasing sales)