Get my expertise working for you! When you hire me for professional Internet marketing and SEO services, consider the following points:

1. My work & ideas have been stolen hundreds of times.
It’s true. I’m a prolific writer and a published photographer. Between the two, my work (whether for me or for my clients) gets blatantly stolen a LOT. My attorney has sent more cease and desist notices for stolen material (written content and photos) than anyone you know!

Should this matter to YOU? Yes, because not only have I created content and produced powerful work that’s useful, interesting, and helps sell products and services, but that material has been copied by competitors over and over again. Wouldn’t you like YOUR business to be in an envied position like that?

It’s one thing to be inspired by a design or the presentation of an idea in an article, but blatant copying on a massive scale is called stealing! Professional jealousy runs rampant when you get your clients to the top positions in search engines and their attractive sites sell their products and services (an article for another day…).

(I’d even wager that someone will copy the idea of putting this point into a list of why you should hire THEM…).

2. I live on Earth.
I’m a very down to earth and approachable person with a great sense of humour. When working with clients, I try hard to avoid industry jargon and never dress things up just to sound “important.” I don’t have a big ego to bruise (just a good sized one!) and my clients appreciate the matter of fact style used in my consulting services.

3. I have a lot more experience than most in this industry.
I sent my first email in 1993, built my first website in 1997, launched a web design and Internet marketing company in 1999, and launched a second one in 2004, in addition to the many in-house side projects I manage. During that time I completed 2 Master of Arts degrees in behavioral psychology at major universities (not to mention that I taught my own university courses). I combine the experience of both “lives” to get the best for my clients.

I’ve asked this question for years and I’ll ask it again: What is it worth to you and your business to get a detailed, multi-perspective, professional, experience-based answer instantly? My clients know the answer to that question all too well.

4. I’m a leader, not a follower.
In this industry, if you maintain the status quo for too long, you’re dead in the water. I got to where I am today by reading and experimenting with ideas. While no one can survive in a vacuum, it takes true understanding to develop and offer services to clients that will continually benefit them.

5. I’m selective with my clients.
Unlike most Internet marketing companies and SEO consultants, I’m in a fortunate position that allows me to work with motivated clients. Yes, I turn down clients all the time. That doesn’t mean I will turn YOU down. It just means that certain clients are ideal to work with (and that’s irrespective of money – I’ve refused sweet 5-figure deals from potential clients).

If I don’t think you can make money with my services, I will turn you down. I want you to succeed. Period.

6. I’m a lateral thinker & out-of-the-box idea generator.
I’m an independent thinker with a proven history of coming up with ways to help businesses just like yours. As a consultant, I come up with ideas on the spot. As someone with integrity, if a point comes to mind after a consultation session, I’ll let you know. I’m an idea-generator and easily come up with options for my clients. I pride myself on being able to develop unique ideas on my own. My clients also benefit from my ability to recognize a great idea and use it to enhance their online success.

7. I have a lot of integrity.
I assess every potential client’s situation. If I don’t believe you will truly benefit from my services, I will turn you down. I prefer to work with companies that will get a return on their investment. I’m not after every last dollar, only to sacrifice quality of service. Companies that don’t understand the slow process of professional Internet marketing services and have unrealistic expectations make for terrible clients. I’m looking for long-term relationships with businesses that will appreciate the value I bring to the table. My integrity plays a large part of your company’s long-term success.

8. I’m not into non-sense.
I left a PhD program after 4 years to pursue a full-time career in Internet marketing and web design, with a touch of photography. I was in higher education for a long time and if it’s one thing you need to succeed in the educational playing field, it’s the ability to back up and justify decisions with facts. I do so with a realistic view of the world, including user behavior. I put it all out there without intentional deception. I don’t care how large your company or brand is, if I think you’re misguided or wrong, I will tell you so, typically with appropriate reasoning and justification to back my preferred perspective on the issue.

9. I cringe when I hear how companies get conned.
I cringe when clients and prospective clients tell me stories about they were conned into supposed guaranteed rankings, ugly websites, long-term contracts that were more jargon than anything constructive and more. I cringe because that’s what’s destroying the Internet marketing industry. You won’t get bs with me.

10. I’ve made my clients millions.
Actually, it’s impossible to calculate the exact number but I am making a lot of people rich, offering tremendous value with my services. If your Internet presence isn’t working as hard as you do, something’s wrong. I help my clients discover the problem and excel at correcting the issues, paving the way to a return on investment.

Ok, well, that said, if you’re ready to move forward then contact me!